I've decided to start blogging my eating adventures. Mostly because cooking has become increasingly boring lately and this will add some excitement to my life. I'm not that girl who shares what she eats because I have an eating disorder. I don't believe in dieting. I think diets, like budgets, are lame and evil. On that financial note, some may consider me cheap and wonder why I can't afford regular food, this has nothing to do with that. Really I am just trying to be more resourceful so my money can be used for more important things. I decided to put cost next to my meals. If it is something I have in the pantry it's free which I realize isn't super accurate but going forward, if I grocery shop, I'll consider those costs.
On my sister's recommendation I stole the title from Carrie Sun's blog on hospital eating .

Thursday, August 30, 2012

cold oatmeal and school events

Breakfast: I have reverted back to the days when 8am is way to early to function.  But I had to be up Skypeing with my boss so I made myself some oatmeal with an apple chopped up in it.  It had some potential but I was impatient and didn't wait for the kettle to whistle. Yeah, it wasn't done. ($0)
Snacks: I was working at a booth for club days from 10-2, the booth next to ours had goldfish so I may have snagged some of those. They also had pizza for workers and I got to it just in time. ($0)
Lunch:  It was free chicken nugget day at Chick-fil-a, you still had to buy a drink and side but the lovely Kelly Bishop mailed me a gift card a while back.  They offer fruit cups as a side so it wasn't terrible. Evidently tomorrow is free fry with no purchase but it's like 20 minutes from my house so not really worth it. ($0)
Dinner: We had this big happy hour kick off, and by big I mean a lot of publicity not a lot of people.  But I'm OK with that.  There were like 25 and that is perfect number for me to schmooze.  Our club bought food and I got drunk off of an open bar of club soda.  ($0)

Tomorrow I'm going to camp with my church, they'll feed me. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Breakfast: Goodbye pancakes. ($0)
Lunch: Lani took me to Garcia's for some brisket tacos, it was the most Mexican food I've had here in New Mexico. ($0)
Dinner: Watermelon and my quiche substitute. ($0)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Breakfast: Pancakes, I figured I should finish up that batter before it ferments. ($0)
Lunch: Some more of my quiche-ish stuff and tomatoes. ($0)
Dinner: At class, granola bar and nectarine. ($0)
Dinner: At home, bowl of granola. ($0)

Monday, August 27, 2012


Breakfast: I, as always, have plenty of leftovers from yesterday's church potluck. I brought a Bisquick thing and I'm going to pretend it's quiche becasue then I can eat it for breakfast with watermelon. ($0)
Lunch: Orzo salad and grilled cheese sandwich. ($0)
Dinner: At like 10pm after my late class, a bowl of granola, welcome back milk. ($0)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

another perk of christianinty

Breakfast:  Last night Heather gave me a to go container of baked oatmeal. ($0)
Lunch: Church potluck, I made a Bisquick recipe with chicken and cheese from the taco bar and the milk I bought. ($0)
Dinner: Youth group. I usually bring something but got permission to slack. ($0)

Week's total: $15.88

Saturday, August 25, 2012

meeting food

Breakfast: Pancakes ($0)
Brunch: I had this meeting from 9-12 and there were quesadillas and bruschetta which was little weird for the timeframe. ($0)
Dinner: Orzo salad and watermelon. ($0)
Snacks: I went to Heather's, she always have exciting food.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Breakfast: More pancakes ($0)
Lunch: Orzo salad ($0)
Walmart: I needed some milk and a popsicle and sugar.  I thought I saved the receipt but now I can't find it. ($8.50)
Dinner: Grilled cheese sandwich with the bread from last night. ($0)

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Breakfast: I had some pancake mix someone gave me a few months back and then, in honor of my dad, I added some apple that I was given yesterday (I cut out the worm).  One batch of batter is a ton so I'll be eating pancakes for awhile. ($0)
Snack: My friend Sara just started college so I wanted to take her to coffee. You know how King David says he won't offer anything that didn't cost him? I have to remind myself that sometimes. ($7.38)
Lunch: I made up some baked burritos utilizing only ingredients from last week's taco bar surplus. ($0)
Dinner: Community group dinner.  It was Italian theme and I made an apple crisp, becasue I had apples and everything else needded and they probably eat apples in Italy, right?  I brought home a loaf of bread, a bunch of pasta, and a good amount of watermelon.  So yes, I think I'm stigmatized as that person.  You know who I'm talking about. Usually it's someone homeless, or at least a guy.  ($0)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

dig in deep

Breakfast: I was looking for a surprise in the fridge this morning and I found one!  Some plain Greek yogurt from a ways back.  Yippee, I haven't bought milk for awhile so my cereal has been neglected but today I got to pull out the granola.  ($0)
Lunch: Ritz crackers and a few mouthfuls of orzo salad. ($0)
Snack: A grossly sweet coffee drink.  There was some buy 3 get one free summer promotion going on at one of the local coffee shops, I bought my 3 so today I got my free one.  I had to wait for the ice to melt to make it drinkable. ($0)
Dinner: Orzo salad ($0)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

raquel surprise

Breakfast: Egg, beans and cheese with a sopapilla. ($0)
Lunch: Orzo salad and cherries. ($0)
Dinner: I was on campus from 3:30-9:30 and had a granola bar, I was almost dead by the end so I need to reevaluate. ($0)
Dinner 2: When I got home Raquel had made another one of her mystery casseroles.  She would get along well with my mother.  There was nothing close to a recipe followed but it was still pretty good. Especially the cheese melted on top. ($0)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Thank you Jenn

Breakfast: Egg and tomato with a sopapilla (leftover from yesterday's lunch) ($0)
Lunch: My lovely friend Chelsea works really close to my house so we finally met for lunch yesterday.  She suggested Subway and I was quite excited that I had a gift card from there--thank you Jenn! I ate half a veggie sandwich. ($0)
Dinner: The rest of that veggie sandwich, warning: Subway's bread doesn't hold up well being stored in in a purse. ($0)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Splurge

Breakfast: Whenever I go home my mom loads my luggage with whatever granola bar type products they have expiring in their pantry.  I had something from that stash, I don't know really what it was. ($0)
Lunch: My New Mexican grandparents took me to their favorite New Mexican restaurant  - Fiesta. I actually think is the most Mexican New Mexican food I've had here.  Like they serve genuine refried beans. ($0)
Dinner: Lunch was huge so Heather and I walked to get fro yo. I wonder what % of my spending is on frozen yogurt.  ($3.26)

And since it's the end of summer I decided I should tally up my spending, maybe I shouldn't have it was $256. For 2.5 months so $100 a month and some of that was free vacation time.  So then I start to over think this spending thing and have to remind myself that much of this was spent on "memory making" and I have 5 jobs so I don't actually have to live like I'm homeless.  Do you like how much time I've spent justifying this?

Until May I had spent $316.59, so I'm at $572.59 for the year.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Slow Saturday

Breakfast: I keep hearing about this Rebel Donut place in town so Heather and I tried it out. Really I think donuts should be preceded by a pre-breakfast (preferably with protein) but I was too lazy.  It was quite delish and Heather paid. ($0)
Snack: I ran errands and ended up buying a Snapple at the Dollar Tree. ($.50)
Linner: I had a 4 o'clock meal of leftover taco bar. ($0)

Friday, August 17, 2012

asian infusion

Breakfast: Instant oatmeal ($0)
Snack: Ginger snap crumbs ($0)
Lunch: Fried rice, except it wasn't rice or really fried.  I decided to "spice up" my orzo pasta salad by putting it in a skillet with an egg. It wasn't bad, or particularly good, next time I'll probably save a dish and just use the microwave if I want warm orzo salad. ($0)
Dinner: With a lunch like that who really needs dinner. ($0)

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Breakfast: I made this beautiful omelet for breakfast this morning, I don't know how to make an omelet close so it was "open-faced."  Eggs, cheese, my first homegrown bell-pepper, and a tomato.  A colorful meal is a healthy meal! I really just wanted peanut butter Puffins, but I don't have milk. ($0)

Lunch: Breakfast was pretty late so I had cherries and some snacks I stashed in my purse on Monday's flight. Thank you Southwest! ($0)
Dinner:  As VP of the Association of Graduate Business Students I got to co-host new student orientation. We were hoping everyone would come to the after dinner so we ordered food for 80.  That didn't happen.  What did happen was a lot of leftovers. So I brought home these tinfoil packs of taco fixings. Tortillas, 2lbs of chicken, fajita veggies, cheese, beans and rice.  I almost brought tupperware but didn't and was kicking myself.  ($0)